Welcome to Cape Pelvic Pain Clinic

If you have long-standing pain in and around your pelvis, and possibly bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction as well, you are probably fed up and frightened.

Pelvic pain has many causes and explanations. People with similar pain may respond to  treatments differently. Some do well with simple management, others require a more complex approach. Certain interventions may make things worse and are best avoided. You need to assessed as an individual who has a unique set of circumstances.

Complete and thorough assessment of each individual case allows for specific appropriate treatment for your pain.

We start conservatively and use medication and surgery only when indicated.

Most patients will see more than one member of the team.

The right thing, at the right time, for the right patient by the right clinician.

Is This You

The pain starts to build, and you feel anxious. Is it always going to be like this? Why is this happening? ‘Surely this can’t be normal.’ You have chronic pelvic pain and you feel your life is falling apart.

Ask The Doctor

It is important that you understand that nothing beats a clinical assessment. However, we appreciate that many people have seen multiple clinicians already and you might not trust that we have anything additional to offer.

How It Works

Once you complete the registration process and questionaire, you will be contacted and referred to one of our specialists. An initial assessment will take place, your case will be presented to the group. Decisions will then be made with your active participation regarding treatment and further referrals or assessments.